Deterrent to Indian Medical Tourism

My this article, might change the perspective, you have towards Medical Tourism in India.

India scores, better points over other Asian countries, when it comes to Cost and High Quality Treatment .

Then, why is that India still struggle to surge as number one contender for Medical Tourism in India.

Answer is simple – “ the way we approach medical tourist “. Not even one hospital in India, how big or best it is, does not operate without network of “ Interpreter “ or “ Translator “ or Tarzumani . They are not mere “ Interpreter “ but the agents with some roots in Bangladesh, Nepal, Iraq and Afghanistan, apart from few African countries.

These guys ensure the patient comes through the local network, get picked from airport in India and then taken to various hospitals or Hospital, which gives them best CUT ( Commission ) . This result in unrealistic cost to Patient and unpleasant experience, Yet more than 200,000 patients visits every year from Iraq and Afghanistan alone. This high number ensures that Marketing Team of Hospital, goes aggressive in contacting and appointing such agents without even realising the impression, it will have on long term.

The greed to have patients, has lead hospitals gets in to aggressive competitive bidding and also work with this unorganized sector of Medical Tourism Interpreters.

More than 90 % of Translators are not having registered firms,  does not have valid license to work in India, as most of them either came in India on Education Visa or on Medical Visa.

There is a huge gap and want in India, to list the professional Medical Tourism Promoters / Players at Hospitals, Government is not taking any significant stance on ensure this as a regulatory aspect, Dont you feel sad, that human Life rest with some people who have no, know how on subject, objective is money and no intention to look at Quality Health service.

Every Hospital has accepted this as Business norm, resulting in to huge reputation loss in longer run and also contributing to tax evasion . This need to be put to rest. There is a need for Law to strict such brokers/ agents/ Interpreters from getting in to this trade, which deals with life of people.

I wish, there will be a day, where Government will decide to crackdown this chain and work hard with Hospitals to eliminate these agents from being Business partners and stop the falling reputation of “ Indian Medical Tourism “.

Medical Tourism is going to be Industry of Future valuing USD 9Bn by 2020. Can we afford to let loose such a golden opportunity, with unprofessional hands.

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