• 180,000 Dentist practicing in India, having only 35,000 specialized surgeons.
  • Ratio of Dentist to People at Urban India is 1: 9000 Against 1: 200,000 in Rural India
  • Indian dental care services market, constituted by dentists and dental ancillary services is estimated to be 1 Bn Dollar in 2015, however Oral Care Treatment / Surgery is estimated to be USD 24 Mn only.


Indian Dentistry Market is Growing @ 5 -7 % Year on Year, however the Dental Equipment market is showing higher growth rates ranging to 10 % plus and is estimated to be 1.8 Bn Dollar Industry by 2020. India have 5000 Dental Laboratories, mostly centered around Urban India ( Metro Cities )More than 90 % of Dentist are working in and around Metro Cities and 99 % of Patients refer themselves to private clinic, vis a vis Government Clinics. Indian Dental Market is scattered and no Dental Chain is able to grab a larger share despite good infrastructure and services, Standalone chain highly depends product outsourcing and have very minimal setup. Majority of Standalone Dental Chains does not have even X rays machines. Our survey Confirm’ s demand for One point solution providers for various services required by Dental Chains’, specially Standalone dental Clinics. India Market is very cost sensitive and Dental Treatment comes as last priority, unless it’s a tooth ache or gum bleeding

Delhi / NCR Region confirms to have 4500 Dental Clinics, including Reputed Chains

TOP 10 Dental Chains

1. Apollo White

2. Axiss

3. My Dentist

4. Clove Dental

5. Roots

6. Smile Care

7. Smile Again

8. Mint

9. Smile Care

10. Evershine

Collectively they have approx. 250 Dental Clinics in and around Delhi ( NCR )

Top Dentist at NCR

Dental Radiology Equipment

Digital Sensors

Digital x-ray units


Analog (film based)


Dental Lasers

Diode Lasers

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers

Quantum Well Lasers

Heterostructure Lasers

Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers

Distributed Feedback Lasers

Quantum Cascade Lasers

Separate Confinement Heterostructure Lasers

Carbon Dioxide Lasers

Reasons for High Number of Dental Clinics at Maharastra, Karnata and Tamilnadu

  • Very high number of Private and Government Collges in these states

  • Padgerry – Father – Son / Daughter trail

  • High Money spending power for education ( Donation Colleges )

  • Geographically very large state

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